Working title: White Rim No. 3 (Rescue)

The source material for this piece comes from a high water trip on the Green River with my son. We had been hanging in the rarefied shade of noontime, taking photos, eating lunch, and laughing. We embarked in our inflatable kayak and I got back to taking photos on the fly, focusing entirely on the task at hand. Then, Oscar slipped out of the craft without a peep. Until he peeped! downstream quite a ways. He didn't panic, as he had been coached, and we dragged his wet muskrat self back into the boat and laughed, laughed, laughed. As we were settling back into calm, the current took us near this wall, baking in the June sun.

Working title: Post Factual No. 2

This is another high-water moment; this place is closer to home on the "daily" section of the Colorado River. My family (sans animals, usually) got into a great habit this summer of floating a few miles in some sort of craft after camp and work obligations. The evening is a quiet time to be on the river -- the vast majority of the tour groups are already on to their next Moab adventure, the light is softer, and there is a glorious difference between light and shadow, dry and saturated.


The genesis of genesis

A work in progress; working title: Not Terminal  -  29" wide x 22" high

A work in progress; working title: Marinade No. 1  -  28" wide x 16" high

A work in progress; White Rim No. 1  -  28" wide x 13" high

A work in progress; Seep No. 6  -  18" wide x 12.5" high