Work in Progress

Commission in progress

Commission in progress

A work in progress; working title: Non-Factual No. 3 -  29" wide x 22" high

Working title: Non-Factual No. 2

This is another high-water moment; this place is closer to home on the "daily" section of the Colorado River. My family (sans animals, usually) got into a great habit this summer of floating a few miles in some sort of craft after camp and work obligations. The evening is a quiet time to be on the river -- the vast majority of the tour groups are already on to their next Moab adventure, the light is softer, and there is a glorious difference between light and shadow, dry and saturated.

A work in progress; working title: Marinade No. 1  -  28" wide x 16" high

A work in progress; Seep No. 6  -  18" wide x 12.5" high