Seeps project

Seeps are a language I can use to express a vast complexity of ideas. The source is located in a place of deep peace and connection, the flow that passes through these corridors is what happiness feels like, the sun hitting a wall and warming and brightening your coldest, darkest spots, the solitude of these places because most people prefer to go where it’s easier. The secrets these canyons keep, but will reveal if you approach with respect and calm. The people-less involvement to make these things, but the symbols and icons and familiar forms that evoke memory, dreams, visions. The supernatural possibility of a message formed by water in an arid place. The chance of being there, with enough flow to travel on, with a mind open enough to receive the message. 

Seep No. 1  [2014]  -SOLD-

Seep No. 2  [2015]  -SOLD-

Seep No. 3 (Another Pioneer)  [2015]  -SOLD-

Seep No. 4 (A-pause-to-see)  [2015]  -AVAILABLE-

Seep No. 5 (Only a Handsome Animal)  [2016]  -SOLD-

Seep No. 6 (Behind the Veil)  -IN PROGRESS-

Seep No. 7 (Date Night)  [2016]  -SOLD-

Seep No. 8 (Power Struggle)  [2016]  -AVAILABLE-

Seep No. 8 (Power Struggle)  [2016]  -AVAILABLE-

Seep No. 9 (Tiger Wall)  [2016]  -SOLD-

Seep No. 10 (Tiger Wall)  [2016]  -SOLD-

Seep No. 11 (Isolation)  [2017]  -AVAILABLE-