Loop Du Jour

I've been looking at the map again, and came up with a list of loops (some day trips, others overnighters) that can be done in the Colorado and Green rivers near Moab. This one is on the Green, and it is primo. Lots of slickrock walking, three cool constructed routes, interesting history/prehistory, and a great little river float.  

It was a long and bumpy drive, and my two donuts were a distant memory by the time the road petered out and I gratefully shifted from sitting to standing. I could see a solid landmark from where I was parked, so I headed that way. The slickrock walking along the rim was superb! 

I made my way to the inside of this fairly dramatic river bend. It was great to be able to see the river on both sides of the prow. 

I wasn't sure if I'd find a decent launch spot, so I just plowed my way through Tamarisk Hell and Wallowed through some Willows. I made a big lunge and was at the river. In doing so, I spooked a great blue heron. It turned, looked at me, and gracefully peeled from the river's edge.

Although I couldn't see them, I could hear a gang of young children having the time of their lives, probably wrestling in the mud while their parents tried to get the hang out their backcountry espresso maker (totally speculating here). While they were loud as hell, it was nice to hear kids having good clean fun. 

I hopped in my boat and made a nicely efficient ferry (if I say so myself) to the other side of the river.